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The legend of the admiral

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The Legend of the Admiral

As the saltiest of seadogs tell it, the story of the Admiral is legendary. It begins long ago with a woman from Ustka, Poland who lost her husband at sea. After this great loss, she raised her son in poverty, but gave him ample love. When the boy grew, he enlisted as a commercial sailor despite his mother’s worry about the relentless, stormy seas that had long ago taken her husband.

After his departure, the woman went to the beach everyday to watch for his ship, which seemed—as time passed—to be lost at sea. Staring out upon the ocean daily, the woman wept so much she eventually lost her sight. In her grief, a mermaid appeared with a special salmon and encouraged her to rub her eyes with it. This appearance became a ritual with the mermaid and the woman until one day, her sight returned, and, in the distance, she saw her son’s ship.
Now a wealthy Admiral, her son returned from his long voyage and he greeted his mother with a long embrace—the kind of embrace only a son and his mother can share.

The Morpol Way

Admiral’s is a brand produced by Morpol, a Marine Harvest Consumer Products Company and is the world-leading processor of salmon and a market leader in smoked salmon.

Morpol was founded in 1996 in Ustka on the Baltic coast of Poland, the company employs over 4,000 people in nine countries.  Attention to quality, innovation, customer service and consumer appeal continuously drives growth at Morpol.  You can find more about Morpol at


The Morpol Way

The Admiral’s brand of smoked salmon was born from Morpol, whose line of company-owned farms and strict sustainability measures have paved the way for the entire industry, positioning Morpol as a market leader in smoked salmon.

Founded in 1996 in Ustka on the Baltic coast of Poland by Jerzy Malek, Morpol quickly became the world’s largest producer of smoked salmon, currently employing over 4,000 people in nine countries and boasting delicious varietals of salmon including classic hot smoked, peppered hot smoked, cold smoked and gravad lax. However, Morpol has a growing range of imaginative products for sushi and sashimi as well as fresh and frozen salmon items.

Morpol continues to grow by offering consistent high quality, reliable year-round delivery in tandem with excellent customer service. Morpol’s core mission is to be the most efficient producer of salmon products, exceeding expectations of both the individual consumer and the food service industry.

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